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  • Ready to play again..
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    After a large bag of balls today on the range I didn’t feel the need to hit any more. I usually feel less than satisfied with my first bag and need to hit a hundred more. Today I quit early because I felt my swing was ready to go play again.

    I am on Day 46 and have been on pause for about a week and a half so I could build my full swing on the range with a ball actually in front of me, which many of us are finding is quite different than swinging at air in our living room.

    The hand and arm movements had already helped me increase my distance, especially the pressurizing the front and back arm in the first movement and throwing a punch in the second. I had been hitting a 7 iron about 130 yards, and that jumped up to 150 – 170 when I got all of it. My 5 irons went from 150 to 190 with decent accuracy when I got a good strike and that is exciting because some of the unreachable greens just got reachable with some hope of actually [hitting] a green. I’m 56 yrs old btw..

    But for the past week I had been hitting a lot of fat shots, shanking a few and not hitting my driver as well as my irons. So I logged on to the forum yesterday and found some things to work on. The concept of locking your arms on to your chest when you snap to level, making sure that you do this 10-15 degrees behind the ball, made a UUUGE difference. The ball seemed to jump off the tee and straight as an arrow. My follow thru wasn’t that good, but the face making square contact in the sweet spot made a big difference. I know I was pushing down on the shaft as I followed thru, and had building pressure throughout the swing, just need to work on my thrusting upwards into a ‘C’. I think this also cured my shanking since my driver carried over to my irons and slamming my arms into my chest kept the face from wandering away from me.

    I also took another tip with me that really helped the fat shots. That was simply engaging the glutes and lifting the ribs. The fat shots pretty much left.

    I know at some point my swing will be “my swing” (I’ve never been able to even think that way before now). .. but in the mean time, as I am building my swing, its nice to know I can keep coming back to a forum and instruction that is CONSISTENT with a singular overall methodology and not bits and pieces from a hundred different philosophies on how a golf ball should be struck.

    Thanks Tathata, its getting there! I’m sure I’ll be posting a personal best score soon.


    Hi David – I have enjoyed reading your post twice this evening, especially after another grueling day of practice that has not, yet, yielded the great results I am seeking! Have you taken video of your swing down the line? I am curious if you have that same issue with early extension that many others have? Great work on making such excellent progress!


    In case anyone is interested, below is a link to the previous posts that David made with respect to specific swing issues that he was working on.

    Longer clubs


    David – I’m taking my daughter out this afternoon to work on this very thing. He r two biggest issues right now are dragging her hands through the impact zone and hitting the big ball first (in some instances). Right now we’re missing a little something with respect to slamming the arms onto the body, even though we’re concentrating on front arm lat/triceps pressure and back pec pressure. Unfortunately, the butt of the club doesn’t point toward the center of her chest until the club is pointing at the target. She does all of the pressure and impact movements fine but translating it to the club right side up has been challenging.


    Thank you David W. and David M. for taking time to share your progress with us.

    David W., in addition to the program, it’s great to hear the forum has been a place where you can go and feel safe with the Tathata community. We are thankful for all students who participate in the forum, who share their experiences while helping fellow students along their journey. One example of this is the incredible consistency of David M., thank you for the conversations you have on the forum and encouragement you offer to other Tathata family members.

    David W. we are excited for you and the improvements you are making, we look forward to hearing more about your progress down the road.

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