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  • Recommendation for day 61+
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    I signed up for Tathata after a recommendation from a friend. I was a self taught golfer who got down to a 11 handicap, but went to Golftec when I plateaued there (at the recommendation of this same friend). Golftec helped me get to a 9 handicap (with brief dips to 8) and seeing my swing on video was very helpful. The problem I ran into was that during the lessons I would always want to know what I was supposed to be “feeling” with their recommended changes. Tathata was the answer for me.

    After starting the program, I immediately recognized how my body was moving incorrectly. I suffered from a right arm chicken wing and early extension of my pelvis on the downswing. After week 1 I noticed immediate improvement. I moved down to a 7 handicap after completing the program in about 65 days. Ball striking was better, but short game and putting were noticeably better. The pressure and short game modules were great, but I was skeptical that I needed to go through them.

    The thing that I would recommend after going through the program is submitting a video of your swing for evaluation. I got mine back in about 4 days after submission. Alex (yellow shirt guy!) did the review. I was expecting an observation about a technique issue with a recommendation on what Tathata modules I should re-visit. What I got was way more in depth and personalized. The first part was review of my swing, drawing lines on the screen, and comparing my swing to Tiger (about 20 minutes). The second part was a breakdown and physical demonstration by Alex on how to address my issues, along with specific exercises and drills. He identified that the issue was pressure in my core that was causing early extension. You can’t get that feedback from just doing the videos. I went the range the next day (a little early I admit) and immediately saw improvement. I was hitting drives into a 20 mile an hour wind about as far as a normally hit the ball. Iron ball striking was also improved. I highly recommend the video lesson, if you can’t get out to the facility.



    Thanks. This sounds like a great idea. I didn’t know it was an option. I’m going to check into this.


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