Review after taking the program months ago?

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  • Review after taking the program months ago?
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    I came across the Tathata course last fall and took it in October and November of last year. Sadly this was just as our winter and snow and cold was setting in. I gave the course a sincere and honest effort, but was unable to use the lessons in golf outside due to the winter setting in when I graduated. Since I’m heading off on a buddy golf trip in late March, plus our courses open around mid to late April up here, I am wondering the best way to review and get ready for the new season starting. I did not do much review over the last 3 months due to a lack of interest on my part with snow, -30C temperatures, etc. But now that golf is going to be around the corner, the “juices are flowing” and I want to review and get ready. But what is the best way to do this? Any suggestions? I assume I am not the only one from a northern climate who graduated from the course in the late fall and has had to wait a few months to put the lessons into practical application on the course.


    Bernie – One option to consider, especially if you have one of those fancy phones with slo-mo video, is “filming” yourself down the line and face on. Some areas to watch are:

  • – strong and stable set up
    – rounded glutes and upper shoulders with slightly tucked head (set up)
    – good shoulder action when drawing back a punch (with a club) and one-piece takeaway
    – front arm lined up parallel to the target line about half way back
    – upper and lower portions of body stable at the top of the backswing
    – shins/feet start the downswing by surfing
    – every part of body moving together because it is pressurized properly
    – arms slam onto body coming into impact causing club to jump and face moving through impact with safety
    – arms remain on body coming out of impact
    – thighs squeeze together and right glute fires under body while chest is pulled as described in program
    – club comes on eyeline
  • Most of us have several issues to address. I find it helpful to pick only one or two at a time for deliberate practice. Video is your best friend because it tells you what you can’t see and never lies, even when the truth hurts. lol

    Hope this helps. Keep us posted!

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