Rib Lift / Glutes Back during Chapter 1 Movements

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  • Rib Lift / Glutes Back during Chapter 1 Movements
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    Hello All,

    I am at Day 5 and I have a question about Rib Lift / Glutes back. I don’t want to get to far ahead as I know it will “all come together”. Movements 2 and 3 talk about Rib Lift and Glutes back as if its part of the “pre-swing” setup or movements, IE lift the ribs and push gluten back before backswing starts. However in the later movements, Drawback a punch, backswing with club, snap to level, in the assessment checklists it doesn’t specifically talk about Rib Lift/Glutes back in this way. It more eludes to these movement as part of the back swing movements. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Thanks !



    Hi Dave,

    Below are three links that should help you out. The third is well beyond where you’re at but will give you a glimpse of things to come. Hope this helps!!


    Student Q & A – Spine Angle at Setup

    Student Q & A: Building Support & Power in the Backswing


    I like to think of the rib lift/glutes back during the backswing. At address my back is more rounded (like a pitcher during his windup) than as I reach the top and push back into the glutes I am lifting the ribs.


    Thank you so much guys. I’m glad I clarified that. It didn’t quite feel right doing them pre swing. Now that I watched the above video I understand the reason to be rounded during address (pre-swing). I decided that I may go back and do Day 1-3 over again as my mind set was to do the rib lift/glutes back pre swing. I need to be able to make sure these initial movements are solid and mentally engrained.

    Thanks again, it feels great to know I have this kind of support.


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