RIght ring finger pain


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  • RIght ring finger pain
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    Any ideas on what I may be doing to create pain in the ring finger of my right hand (I am a right handed golfer)? It seems like it is getting twisted upon by the index finger of my left hand during some part of the swing.

    Thanks for you comments.

    Jim Dillon



    Great question, thank you for reaching out to you. Other students training alongside you will benefit from your question.

    We suggest going back and looking at the grip discussion on Day 11. If the hands are out of balance at setup it may cause for more movement in motion. You will also find more support here as you move into pressure. If you are using a interlocking grip you might find an overlapping grip to be more beneficial. This may be a way to support and reduce pain in that finger. Play around with it to see what feels best for you.


    I actually dropped a heavy rock on my right hand pinky finger (right handed golfer) last fall and could really feel it during the Tathata Golf Training especially when I started to add the pressure routine with an interlocking grip! I also got a blister on the top of my left finger with the interlocking grip as I do not wear a glove.

    Switching to an overlap grip is easy and definitely eliminates the finger pain / blister which translates to more golfing;)


    Thank you for your comments. I think what was happening with my ring finger on my right hand was this: I use an overlap grip (Vardon if you will) and was flipping my right hand to close the face. I was flipping the right hand faster or earlier than the left hand which created as twisting force on the middle phalanges knuckle. The more I focus on the Tathata style grip and pressurizing the hands, arms, body in the downswing, the less this is happening.


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