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    It’s early in the process for me– I just finished Day 5– and I have become greatly discouraged. I’ve tried lessons, I’ve tried other online learning, I’ve read golf books– I honestly don’t know another person who has tried to learn or do more than me to master the golf swing. I’ve never gotten the results I’ve wanted or thought I was capable of (I’m a 14 handicap.) I turned to Tathata because I thought this could potentially, finally be the answer. Through the first four days of training, I was open-minded and putting in the work on learning the movements. Once a day five arrived, however, I hit a significant barrier. The type of flexibility that even the introduction to the stretching routine requires is something I am unlikely to be able to attain. I’m still relatively young at 41 and I’ve even done yoga for a few years but I am still incapable of doing most of the stretches. Tathata claims the program is for “all” golfers– but there is absolutely NO WAY “all” golfers could do those stretches in 60 days. It’s discouraging to think that unless I’m an Olympic-caliber athlete, I can’t perform the movements of the Tathata system correctly. How someone in their 50’s or 60’s or even older could make it through this program is a mystery to me, at this point.

    Can anyone offer me some encouragement? Or should I simply ask for my money back now and get it over with? Is there anyone out there who really struggled in the beginning but ultimately had excellent results?


    Hi Daniel,

    I’m a few years older than you, less far less flexible (until recently I had lost the ability to touch the top of my feet…and can only get there now after about a minute of working into position), I have a higher handicap (currently not even rated), and, like you, I have been through many programs (probably 50 – 60 hours of live instruction). I have a great looking swing and can enjoy myself on the course as long as I don’t think too much about my score. A fantastic round for me is 82 or 83, although scratch golfers often marvel that my swing should be able to produce a much lower score “with more practice.

    When I slammed into my flexibility limitations early in the program, I was guided to the regression routine found here:

    This is located under chapter 1 in the tab for “chapter support.” I continue to use this routine even beyond chapter 1 when new stretches are added. Maybe I’ll get there someday but I believe my game will improve greatly even though my flexibility is far from ideal.

    If you decide to continue with the program, you may find (like me) that you begin to develop an understanding for how some of the body movements that you see in great players are performed.

    You’ll probably encounter additional questions and frustrations along the way and feel free to post questions. I plan to become more active on the board in an effort to develop my understanding at a deeper level. Maybe it will generate more activity…the low volume of discussion has been a little disappointing to me.


    Thanks for the response, David. I’ll look into the regression routine. Is that something supplemental? Or is it a routine you do in lieu of the stretching routine in the 60-day program?

    I guess it’s just discouraging that I don’t know a single golfer– of any age– that could make it through that routine. Perhaps it’s something to just be endured when it comes up in the cycle and I should try to press through to get to the stuff I can actually do and/or apply…


    It is a replacement routine. I have increased my flexibility a fair bit by doing it 5 times a week. I just skip over the stretching routine in the program if I have does this in the morning. If not, then I do the regression in place of the regular routine. My wife could do the regular stuff with no problem but she’s been diligent in working on her flexibility for many years.

    Best luck. Hit me back if you have additional questions.


    I hope you are still in the program. We all aren’t equal in our range of motion. Some can get their backswing to parallel while some go past. I would encourage you to begin the program and get to where your range is and you will see improvement but it will take time. You’ve been given good advice on the regression program so use that and use aids (pillows, chairs, yoga blocks) to help you. I had shoulder replacement and it had a very difficult rehab period, but the one thing I learned during the rehab was I couldn’t tell a difference in the recovery day to day but when I did an exercise I began to realize that I couldn’t do it nearly as well 10 days prior.
    Good luck.


    Hi Daniel,
    I concur with both David and Horace.
    I too found the stretching routine very tough at first ( used to be able to do splits in my younger days as a Martial Artist ) but now in my 60`s and have knee damage to meniscus and cartilage.
    i decided to do the stretches at my own pace and after 2 weeks was able to do them properly, even though I end up sweating and breathing hard ( as I do when doing the body movements)
    I can now hold the crescent finish with ease and my shoulder turn has improved.
    In my opinion, the easier stretch routine should start from day 1, to ease one into the standard stretches after say day 10.

    Keep persevering, and you WILL see improvement.



    dear friend I went crazy with joy…so many thngs I did not know…I did the course in 40 days and will be 70 years old next month……some exercises were and are tough but I just keep working them. Don’t give up.


    John – Have you played since completing the course? If so, what improvements have you seen and have other “issues” popped up as a result of swing changes? Also, were there any areas that were harder for you to grasp than others?


    I have not played on a course yet but I have played at the range and in my personal 100 yard short iron area. What was my average 50 yard chip shot is now 75 yards. The ball flight often is nothing short of amazing. The ball flight is improved in all shots…more specific results in a few days. ….. My shots all have more distance and laser sharp direction.

    If I just go after the ball without much preparation my old swing habits return. To be expected after 50 years and I now know what to practice in the golf movements to ungrain those.

    All the learning made so much sense that everything was grasped pretty much at the same level.


    Like – hahaha!

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