Sharp slice with stock 7 iron at the range today


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  • Sharp slice with stock 7 iron at the range today
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    Hi, I have been going through the program rapidly and participating in all of the exercises. I am really enjoying the program. My question is at the range today I was hitting a lot of sharp low trajectory slices with my stock 7 iron. I am currently on day 21 of the program and am a mid-handicapper (54 years old). While hitting these shots I was doing my best to utilize everything I have learned in the program thus far. But for some reason all of my shots were going sharp right. Prior to the program I was hitting my stock 7 iron short but fairly straight and accurate. Any advice you could provide would be outstanding. Thanks Don


    Hi Don,

    Thank you for your reach out and question. While it is difficult to give you an absolute answer having not seen your golf swing, we suggest looking in a few places. The first would be to make sure that as mentioned in the setup section in chapter 1, you have a sense of being rounded at setup. Like a pitcher we want to feel as though we setup rounded so that we are able to dynamically move into a position of strength through and out of impact. Similar to a pitcher lifting their lead leg prior to the pitch, also notice the sensation of the pelvis, stomach and lower back in this position. Go ahead and feel right now as if you were going to throw a pitch. Feel as the lead leg lifts just what you feel in the pelvis, stomach and lower back. You may feel a sense of compression in the stomach along with a hint of pressure.

    This leveling of the pelvis is a part of setting up with a rounded back. There will be more to come on this but for right now ensure that you are answering the question of setup. From this place of setting up correctly we would like you to focus on the baseball throw movement from the program. Make a particular note to this movement as you move through the pressure section.

    Typically with a low slice we see often times turning from the top of the backswing rather than surfing or leveling out. This turning from the top coupled with an improper setup position causes a sense of spinning out or moving toward the golf ball in the down swing. While focusing on the baseball throw movement be sure to surf rather than turn. Also at the completion of the movement you may sense an increase in pressure in your core. With the pelvis set up correctly at setup feel a squeeze in the stomach to the finish of the baseball throw.

    Also pay close attention to the description of the back hand as you complete the baseball throw. We want a sense of pressure in the core along with the back arm moving with strength down in front of us. From here we ensure the club has moved effectively down in front of us with strength and pressure. The surfing and pressure will keep you “in the shot” through impact and allow the club face to come in more square.

    Be sure to also check out our additional live training on our website under Tathata online support. Available to you are live video follow-ups, founder video sessions and online swing submissions. These are all designed to further support your training and deepen your practice!

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