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  • Short Game Weight Left During Setup
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    I am on Day 44 of the program and am in the short game/putting chapter. During the short game routine it is discussed that the weight should be slightly left during set up. My questions are these: does that weight distribution remain slightly left for longer pitch shots such as a 50 or 75 harder (which is described as basically a full golf swing by BH)? Related to that, if we are starting with the weight slightly left at set up then it presumes that there is no real weight shift off that spot to the right side. Is that correct? Thx


    Hi Jeff,
    I am around the same day and as far as I can tell from the short game routines, I would not really think of it as having the weight shifted to the left, but more as — as B.H. puts it during day 40 — being in the process of surfing to the level. Performing it like this, there is still a body motion happening to the right and even an indirect weight shift, but I honestly do not even have to think about this any more, and for me this works really fine.
    I am no Tathata stuff, however, and maybe they will get back to you as well.
    Best regards,


    Jeff and Andreas,

    Thank you for taking some time to share feedback and questions! On the short chips and pitches let’s say up to roughly 25 yards, we learn to “pre-surf” the knees. This “pre-setting” of the knees gets our weight slightly onto our front side. There is a key distinction here though because “pre-surfing/pre-setting” is different than just “leaning on our left side.”

    Pre-surfing allows the body to remain level, strong and balanced so that the bottom of the arc is safe and shallow. This is different than leaning on the left leg because that would cause a steeper angle of decent. As you guys move out to 50 and 75 yards, it is okay to feel very centered and balanced. A lot of the weight distribution and movement of the body throughout the swing is going to vary based on the trajectory and shot we want to hit. There will be more to come from Tathata Golf regarding the intricate details of specific shots but for right now from 50 and 75 yards you are going to want to feel very “centered” and balanced. You will want to avoid a lot of movement right or left in the backswing. You should feel athletic, centered and balanced while the hands, arms, club and body move together with strength.

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