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  • Shot Shape (Draw & Fade
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    I had a question on body position and aiming when hitting a draw or fade. I know it says aim your body 3-4 yards left or right of the target in the video but does this mean you aim the club face at the intended target and then just shift your body left or right or do you aim 3-4 yds left or right of the target?

    I feel like when I watch the pros on the pga tour they walk right into the shot and don’t do any adjustments up at the ball.

    I understand moving the hands up and down or moving away or closer to the ball but wasn’t sure on the body position and aiming.

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    Hi Ryan,

    This is a great question. Bryan recently answered this same question for another student on the forum and I have provided a direct link to this video below. Let us know if you have any further questions, enjoy!

    Student Q & A: Shot shaping, where to aim clubface and body?


    Thank you so much for the response. This makes more sense now. I even tried it out on the course this weekend. I aimed a little left and close the face to hit a nice draw. Worked out great!

    Thanks again,




    Can you explain this a little more? If we look at Trackman, a draw is produced by having the face open to the path. It sounds like Brian is saying to have the face closed to the path, which would produce a fade. Please explain.

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