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  • Slides in the Anatomical Review
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    In the “Anatomical review: hand movements”, at the end of the discussion related to “H&A movement two – loading the hands and arms” and at the end of “H&A movement three – Takeaway push down”, there are two slides showing the movements. The slides are very helpful, but since they are inserted quickly in the video, it’s very difficult to review them. The video controls are very awkward, and I would like to be able to see these slides as slides or photos.

    As I was watching and learning these movements, in day 11, I also felt it might be helpful to have some close-up camera work of the hands.


    The anatomical review is very helpful and really fills in some gaps. From my perspective this is some of the best material in the training. I too would really like to see the slides in some sort of printable form. This should be a simple thing to add since the narration is basically a reading of the slides. Having a simple printout that could easily be referenced would really help when going back and reviewing the movements. I am finding that it takes going back and reviewing to really learn these well (at least for my old brain). The anatomical review in printable form would really add value to the review process.


    Thank you Jim and Andrew for your feedback on these materials, we appreciate hearing from you. Great to see you are finding them useful in your training.

    At this time, these materials are only available in video format. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    I understand. I have found that watching this video on my laptop (I had first viewed it on my iPad) helps see clearly what is happening.



    What must I do, to print out the stretching report pages with the explanation of the movements?



    Hi Karl,

    Currently the stretching chapter support material and all other anatomical reviews are available through the online streaming content only.

    We will make sure to keep you updated if these items are available in a printable version.

    Thank you for being a part of the training and all of the energy you are putting into it.


    I have found that getting an adapter for my laptop that hooks up to the HDMI input on the TV is really nice. The clarity on the TV screen is pretty good. So view the whole video on the TV. Terry

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