Snap to eyeline?

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  • Snap to eyeline?
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    Exactly how are the wrists and elbows supposed to move from the horizontal thrust position to the snap to eye line? The club doesn’t go there automatically!


    Hi John,

    Here are some feels that might help you with this position. The front arm should be bent to 90 degrees, the back arm should be as straight as it can be. The hands should be pushing away from the center of the chest and up to the sky. The hands and wrists should be fully “cocked” or as we’d say loaded to help the club reach the eye-line. We want the shaft to match the angle of the eyes with the club head much closer to the ground than the hands/grip. As with the backswing, the arms should be squeezing together. Also feel as though the hands as still centered to the chest although they will be up over your head.

    Let us know if we can help with this position any further.


    I find the only way to get the club on the eyeline at the finish is to 1) really be pushing out with the arms and hands (which cocks the wrists) and 2) be really deep into the crescent position at the finish. Otherwise my posture is more upright and my club is more horizontal with the ground.


    I have a similar problem of not being able to get the arms up behind the head at finish nor get the club to eyeline. It seems I am more upright, not crescent shape and perhaps the whole upper body is forward.
    Is it a matter of continued stretching or is there a feel to incorporate?

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