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    I’ve just completed Day 43. I’m definitely hitting the ball more solidly and in fact I am able to execute some amazing shots compared to where I was before. I am however hitting some shots that are wildly off (fat hits, pulls and slices). As I analyze my swing in relation to the teachings of this program, I’ve realized that I am not really able to determine if I’m executing Snap to Level correctly in the context of my full swing. I can do the exercise Snap to Level well enough, but because the swing is continuous and fast I really don’t know if I’ve “hit the mark” on this. I can evaluate how I’m doing on other aspects such as chest up, gluts back, punch back, arms to body, pressure, etc fairly easily, but I can’t seem to feel how I am doing on Snap to Level. Any thoughts on feeling Snap to Level in the context of the full swing? Thanks. Fred


    Hi Fred,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. Great to hear about your progress throughout the program and your feedback on executing shots more solidly as well as being able to evaluate yourself on the movements and applying them into your game.

    Here is a link to Day 7 where we have added a daily extra that goes in further detail on the snap to level movement and further support all students in building this motion into their swing, Day 7 – 60-Day Program.

    Thanks Fred, enjoy.

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