Sound disappearing on anatomical review


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  • Sound disappearing on anatomical review
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    I watched the first review video and had a series times on different videos where the volume just disappears. These are reviews online, not from the dvd’s. Is this what I should expect for the next 59 days?


    Hi Dan,

    I’m sorry you are unable to hear the video consistently, this is the first time we have heard of this error.

    What device and internet browser are you using? Have you tried to reset your browser, device and/or internet source? Also, you may also try clearing your history and website data which will help reset the information about the page/video that’s stored in your browser.

    For any other streaming or “playback issues,” here is a support page provided by our video host

    Thanks Dan.


    day six video is cutting out completely. Unable to finish assessment and go on to Mental #2. Any suggestions? I’ve tried on several successive days.


    problem solved by clearing history. thanks


    Great to hear Mary Lee. Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy!

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