Speed/pace of backswing

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  • Speed/pace of backswing
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    Just finished day 27 – hit a ball for the first time (since starting the program) after day 23 with very mixed/poor results on the range. I did not pay much attention to speed of backswing throughout the first 3 chapters but think I may have found myself with the ball sitting there being way too anxious and fast in my backswing (like my old swing at times), perhaps messing up my transition as a result. I felt like a had the movement right. Pressuring seemed to speed me up as I concentrated on that. Thinking about this as I did the next few days, I observed a paced backswing in the videos now that I was paying attention to that. Recall nothing discussed about backswing “speed” or pace yet in the program. Maybe this comes in Chapter 4, but must the backswing be paced and much slower than the downswing – how slow? How does increasing pressure relate to speed?


    Hi Steve,

    I do not recall pace of back swing being discussed. My understanding is that each person will have their own internal tempo and this is okay as long as you are moving with strength and maintaining balance.

    You indicated that you feel like everything else in your swing is on target. Have you shot video to verify this?


    Keep an eye on your pressures – top of the backswing you are at a 4. I think if you are too fast your pressure levels will be off as in too much pressure too early. I have to watch this as I have a tendency to be too quick in the downswing and have nothing left for impact. I end up dumping into the ball producing a slice. If I back off a hair and try to be somewhere around a pressure 5 as I arrive at impact things seem to go much smoother and with better results.

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