Spine angle with iron vs driver

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  • Spine angle with iron vs driver
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    Loved the spine angle video on the Q&A section but, does the spine angle at set up differ between an iron and a driver, or other longer club? Or does the angle of the arms change,i.e. do they move away from the body a bit to compensate for the longer club. Thanks! I love Tathata. Seems like the learning never ends!!

    Jeff Irving


    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the kind words and for reaching out! It is important to set up to every golf shot with a sense of being centered balanced and athletic. As you know, also with a sense of energy out in front or where you are going.

    In terms of your question we will use the example of a wedge, 7 iron and driver. For all three we want to be athletic and centered. The ball position is roughly off the left ear and possibly slightly more forward with the driver. The arms will hang under the shoulders with strength with all three clubs.

    The wedge, based on the length of the golf club, is going to give a sense that the ball is closer to the body. Because the ball is closer, the shaft is shorter when the arms hang under the shoulders and the setup will have a look of being more rounded in the spine.

    With a seven iron, the ball is slightly further away based on the length of shaft. The seven iron is still rounded but will appear slightly less related to the wedge setup. In the same way the driver will be slightly less but still rounded based on length of shaft and distance from the golf ball.

    In all the cases, we want to stand with strength centered and athletic and let that athleticism couple with the length of the club determine how we look and how rounded we set up!

    Thank you for the question and thank you for all of the incredible training you are putting into your golf game!

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