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    Dear Tathata Team,

    First of all thank you for this beautiful program. I am on day 28 and really delighted about the results up to now.

    A Stance question : The back foot should be dropped back. How can we hold knees and hip parallel to the target line, without changing the flex in the back knee and so causing a slight tilt of the hips to the left? ( I am a left handed golfer)

    This is the only issue causing soms doubt till now

    Best Regards,

    Antwerp, Belgium


    Hi Ben,

    Others may have comments as well but here is my 2 cents. I wouldn’t over focus on having everything perfectly parallel to the target line. Instead, you may find the outcomes improve by sensing greatness to the target (and even the next few holes) while knowing that you know how to stand and swing the club. This technique has really helped with my alignments. If you’re standing behind me I may or now be in the “perfect” position yet the ball is much more on line than it’s ever been.

    Have you reviewed the supplemental information in the chapter support tabs? The down-the-line photos and notes in the assessment tools can be helpful.

    Best luck!


    I’ve never really concerned myself with perfect alignment, well except maybe for putting and short game. As I learn to experiment with ball shape and trajectory I’m finding that I can better feel my way into a shot using shape to overcome misalignment.

    This is the art of golf – looking at the shot at hand and the lie you are presented with and feeling what is the right shot. I find that the most fun part of golf.



    Great observation and question. Yes, the back knee will be slightly more flexed than the front knee at setup to square the knees and hips. With this, you are correct the back hip will be slightly lower at setup than the front hip because of the difference in knee flex. This gets balanced out as motion begins in the backswing. This slight difference at setup gives the back knee / side of the body slightly more room to load and store that much more power and energy.

    Again, great detail in your observation. First time we have heard this question.

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