Standing up at impact

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  • Standing up at impact
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    I’m on Chapter 3, day 22. Took video of my swing and noticed that my head is lifting and torso is straightening in the downswing and at impact. It doesn’t feel that way so I was surprised. Have to believe I am not surfing back to level properly. Any suggestions on where to focus?


    Hi Jeff! Thanks for reaching out and thanks for your post to this forum! As it relates to standing up in the downswing and/or what is traditionally referred to as “early extension,” this can be simply fixed if we understand how to set up to the golf ball first. We must understand how to set up with the pelvis level to the diaphragm first or the belt line level to the bottom most ribs. Make sure there is a slight feeling of “taking a punch” in the lower abdomen at setup to support the proper stance. If the stance is correct, then the glutes have a better chance to stay back / push back as we surf to level in the downswing. Watch footage of Jack Nicklaus, as you watch him move in his golf swing pay attention to the lower back at setup and as he builds strength into transition of his golf swing. You will notice that Nicklaus keeps the belt line relatively level to the diaphragm / lower ribs way late into his downswing. The last thing we want is to lose the “chi” or energy at setup in the lower abdomen. If we lose the “chi” in the lower abdomen at setup then it only makes sense to stand up in the downswing into impact. The body will have to stand up because the mind knows the body is out of alignment and it stands up to protect itself. So in summary, feel a slight engagement of the lower abdomen as if you’re taking a punch in the stomach at setup. Try and build that squeeze or pressure as you load to the top of the backswing and transition into your downswing. Much more will be revealed to you in the moments ahead as you train!


    Just completed day 21 and managed the pressure at take-away fairly well. However, trying to maintain the down pressure at impact and in the follow through doesn’t appear to work. As the club is swung through at impact I feel myself coming up and don’t feel any “8” in my lower body …is this correct? If not, what should I do?


    Hello Maurice!

    Thank you for all of the training you’ve put in over the first 21 days!

    This is a great question. Envision for a moment at the setup of your golf swing, or when you are training, have a wall roughly an inch or so behind you. As you draw up to the top you will feel getting strong and wound up so that the back glute is now touching into the wall. As you surf to level you will feel both glutes pressing into the wall.

    From this place of being level you can allow the arms to straighten down in front of you through impact. It is important that we stay back to allow the arms to fall down in front of you to feel the sensation you are looking for. This will feel as though you have not “come out” of your posture. Feel a squeeze in your mid section to help hold you down in the shot.

    If the body thrusts forward toward the ball through impact it becomes troublesome to straighten down in front of the body. Feel the squeeze holding you in the shot as you “surf to level” and “baseball throw” as this will keep you in the shot. Then we thrust up with strength after impact.

    Also for more in depth analysis of your golf swing, see the additional training options on the website!

    Enjoy the rest of your training!

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