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    Hello Tathata staff, would it be possible to release a video in the Chapter support that is simply ONLY the stretching routine? I know I should have it memorized by now, but I like to have the video on while I’m doing the routine because it motivates me. Currently I need to go into one of the chapter videos and find the correct spot for the stretching routines.


    great idea


    Hi Seth and Steve, thank you for this feedback. We have added the “Stretching Support – Regressions Routine” to each Chapter Support section throughout the program, which can be found in the Chapter Support sections on each day/lesson page. This routine includes the regular stretches along with the regressions.


    I am starting chapter five and I am unable to get into the first position of squatting and clasping arms around shins. I am 72 and not very flexible and yet I am an 8 handicap. Is there an alternative stretch?


    Hi Steven,

    Yes, thank you for the question. Inside the online streaming version of the program underneath each day’s training there is a tab labeled chapter support. You will find inside chapter support a “Stretching Regression Routine” that allows you to still perform the stretching routine but to a level that would be softer and more comfortable for you. Within this routine you will utilize a chair and follow along. We have had incredible testimonials from those utilizing the Regression Routine because it allows the opportunity to incrementally improve your movements with an increase in openness through consistently utilizing the routine. Thank you.


    Thank you for your response Tathata staff. I am familiar with the regression routine but I think you would agree that it’s not at the same “pace” as the routines in the regular chapters.

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