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    I have completed the program and am continually working through the movement routines trying to eliminate the bad habits from my old swing (rolling the hands on the takeaway, early extension, path too far in to out).

    I had a range session yesterday and the ball flight was very consistent and fairly straight. I’m very happy about that. I do feel that I’m not getting the distance I should be getting. I have been really focusing on getting the glutes back as I come into impact. I felt this is critical based on my old habits. When I do this the ball goes fairly straight but I feel that I have no power. I think I’ve made great progress, but I must need some more work on getting to and through impact correctly.

    I also want to note that the Student Q&A videos may be one of the best parts of the program. I wish there were more of these videos.


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    I agree about the Student Q&A videos. You guys should make up a section on the website to put these along with the context of why they were created.

    Great work Tathata! Love the training!


    Mickey, congratulations on completing the program! Thank you for sharing an update on your progress, it’s great to how how the training is going for you.

    Mickey and Shelly, thank you for the feedback regarding the Student Q&A’s. It’s great to hear you are enjoying these extra videos to supplement and support your training within the program. After you have completed Day 60, all Student Q&A videos will open up to you as a section within the 60-Day Program Video Library.

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