Surfing the Knees to Level?

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  • Surfing the Knees to Level?
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    When surfing the knees to level, does the weight on the lead (left) foot go almost all to the outside—-and the weight on the trail (right) foot go almost all to the inside?

    Also, does the lead (left) knee move more than the trail (right) knee?



    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the time and effort you are putting into the program. This video pertains to your question, specifically around the 8 minute mark. Bryan goes into more depth as it relates to your question!

    Let us know if you have any further questions after watching this video.

    Student Q & A: Creating equal pressure in the body & into the ground


    This additional video is excellent. “Surfing The Knees” for me, I believe is the most critical element to building consistency in my ball striking. Although I am only on Session 14, I have found that my 2 big misses on the course since employing the Tathata technique are a pop up off the tee or a high cut – and these are only occurring about 4 or 5 times in a round. For the most part these are playable and my scoring is better. I believe the pop ups occur when I slide instead of surf and come into the strike too steeply and the cuts are the old familiar staying on my back leg.

    I have always struggled with getting through the ball and found myself staying on my back leg and trying to square the club face with my hands in a desperation move resulting in many hooks, pulls or a high slice. Now that I am trying to “surf” instead of bumping the hip or sliding the knees, it is yielding much more consistent results and the hook is gone.

    I am so thankful for this very illustrative video. Bryan has a unique talent for taking a complicated subject then explaining and demonstrating it in a detailed yet simple manner. I feel that I have a much better grasp of the inner workings of the golf swing. As I go further into my Tathata journey, my interest, confidence and resolve are increasing. I am curious Team Tathata, is it a matter of how many questions you receive on a particular subject which prompts Bryan to make an additional video such as this? Regardless, you have my gratitude for being so responsive to your members’ needs.


    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear you enjoyed this video and found it very helpful. Yes you are correct, if we find students reaching out with a similar question we will film the response. Also, some of the questions we get from students we find the response would be better through a video than in text and other questions we are able to respond with a simple written answer than a video.

    We find that students really enjoy the Q&A video responses which is something we will look into offering more frequently in the near future with the updates and additions coming!

    Thank you for your feedback!


    To Mark: Great question! Wondering same myself.

    To Adam: Thanks for the reply, including the video from Bryan. These one-to-one video Q&A’s are loaded with detail; very helpful. Is there one spot on the website, maybe indexed, where all the Q&A videos from Bryan are available for viewing?



    David – Yes, they are all indexed but this only opens up after completion of the course. At present there are 51 Q&A videos awaiting you. One thing to keep in mind as you’re doing the early movements is that everyone is growing through this process. I have found the newest Q&A info to be especially helpful in clarifying movements. But I do have a propensity to over complicate things. lol



    This was a very helpful video. I’m on day 52, and have made great progress. I’m really restarting my game after many years off, deciding to set golf aside while my kids were growing up. I had many many many lessons in years past, with many instructors, but not one ever addressed what I’ve always struggled with; getting to my front side. I almost never took a divot. My progress through the first 52 days has been very good, yet I still found myself struggling with the “transition” or surf to level. At impact I’m estimating my weight is equally distributed at best, resulting in weak shots. While on the range I worked on consciously exaggerating a move to my front side, which immediately resulted in much better contact, more distance and taking a divot. But true to the teachings in this course, I felt that the exaggeration would really lead to a false outcome. That’s when I went back to the program and searched on the topic and found this video. I plan to work harder on this with this information presented in the video and will report back.


    Ed, we unfortunately share a bad habit of not always getting to that beautiful crescent shaped finish. I have always struggled with getting through the shot but managed to somehow become a proficient golfer. Nevertheless, I am quite enthusiastic about this program. Your post has given me an epiphany of sorts. I have completed Day 19, however, I feel as if I might be attempting to rush my progress – this despite the fact that I joined the program about a month ago.

    I typically watch the session first, then go through it 2 or even 3 times before going on to the next session. Since you are on Day 52 and still having some difficulties with the early movement of “surfing” (as am I) it occurs to me that I should listen to Bryan when he states quite clearly and often that be certain you are able to do the movement. I have always been balance-challenged, and some of the movements in Chapter 1 are not as easy for me as they are perhaps for others. So, I’m glad I read your post as it caused me to re-examine my training. I am not going to do any more sessions until I feel completely comfortable with the Chapter 1 Movements.

    Although I realize that Bryan can’t read all the posts, I have to say how impressed I am with this program. I have had countless hours of PGA lessons and was always instructed on what positions to be in. As Bryan so insightfully stated in one of the sessions – just getting to the positions means nothing unless you understand the source of where the power/energy is built and loaded. His illumination about the movements and how they are integrated into the golf swing make me feel as if a light bulb has been turned on in my head. For that Bryan (and Team Tathata) I am sincerely grateful.


    These are some great comments and observations, thank you everyone for all of the effort and time you are putting into your training.


    Mark – Another tool at your disposal is the chapter follow-ups, which are live one-on-one online sessions that help you make certain that you’re on the right track and offer additional tips on how to correct any shortcomings. Try it…you won’t be disappointed!!

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