Surfing too soon?

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  • Surfing too soon?
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    Hi there! My name is Tyler, and I am a 23-year old male, 13.0 index, from Philadelphia, PA. I’m starting Day 37 today, and before I get into my question, I want to say how immensely pleased I am with Tathata Golf’s 60-day program. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of info with which Bryan fills these videos, yet how simple and easy to understand it all is. Thank you, Tathata Team!

    With that being said, I believe I’m misfiring when it comes to my driver. Irons and wedges feel great, but the driver has always been where I struggle to find consistency. My average swing speed is 112-118mph, and I’ve been clocked in excess of 120mph. One problem I’ve noticed when videoing myself is I’m pretty much all the way on my toes on my back foot at impact (right heel is up too early). It appears that I’m surfing my knees and going into crescent mode too quickly, but I could be wrong. I try to slow my swing down, but that feels totally unnatural to me.

    Any help is so greatly appreciated. I truly know deep down that I’m accomplishing things I’ve never done before, and once I get this driver straightened out, I’ll be armed and dangerous. Cheers to you, Bryan, Lauren, Alex, and the rest of the Tathata Golf Team!!

    All the best,


    I have same symptoms but swing speed is much slower. Look forward to this discussion. I too absolutely love the program. Love the not stopping time education. Some days every putt looks straight. I have always known it is mental but until now didn’t know why…….


    Hi Tyler and Terry,

    Thank you for reaching out, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the program! This is a great question regarding coming up onto your toes with a Driver. Bryan, the founder, has seen and responded to your question. To view his response, please click the video below.

    Student Q & A: Right Heel Coming Up Early with Driver

    Thank you both for being a part of Team Tathata. Enjoy!


    Thanks the arching of the foot/feet I have missed all along. Still amazed at how Tathata makes the golf swing all come together with explanations that have been missing for years. Hope I can look half balanced and strong as you do. Your hair even looks strong!! Terry


    Bryan & Tathata Team,

    The fact that you made a personalized video speaks volumes about your organization. I can’t thank you all enough!

    Coincidentally, I was mid-round today when you posted this video. Although I didn’t have time to practice what Bryan said, I did hit some great ones today (long, about 10 yard draws). The ones that weren’t too hot, it’s now clear – I wasn’t arching my feet to initiate the downswing and create stability. The ones where I smoked it, I can remember my core being tight and ready to fire, setting up in an athletic stance. The video reinforces this, and I can’t wait to work on it.

    I’m a total work in progress, but I’m sensing greatness. I was even thru 4 today and hit shots I had never hit before. I thought I’d finally break 80, but I know it’s coming. I am truly all in with Tathata Golf. The excitement and understanding of the game that it’s brought me is unmatched, far and away. 5 months till my father/son golf trip to Scotland – time to watch the next video!

    Thank you,


    Tyler – The question you asked back in December is one I have struggled with for quite some time. It sounded like things were starting to come together for you just as Bryan posted the video that he made for you. Now that you’ve worked on these changes for a bit longer, how do you feel things are coming along?

    Congratulations on the progress!!


    I also like that video. I did some video last night at the range and saw that although I do a good job of surfing to level, I am not working back with the knees. My right knee will have a tendency to move towards the ball in the downswing and then I pull the ball left. It’s an odd move for me because I am used to adding more knee flex at transition, then pushing off. Whereas for Tathata we surf right from the top pushing back into the glutes and raising the ribs.


    Les – Keeping pressure in your core (chapter 3) helps a lot with this. If you over exagerate it, you may even feel your back heel dragging along the target line as you come out of impact. With that said, without seeing your swing, it’s difficult to say for sure that this would help.

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