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    I just finished 20. What movement focuses on swing steepness. My normal swing droped the club a little behind be to create a more sweeping arc. I noticed the first time i played since starting the course that my iron swing steepened on the downswing causing chunking.


    Hi Michael – Bryan posted a video earlier today that may help answer your question (see link below). If you have additional quesitons, please post them. For me, I find that adding pressure to push away during the backswing adds width that I didn’t have previously. The difference for me is that I’m no longer trying to lag the club, which does change the location of the low point — materially. Surfing, pushing back into the glutes, and lifting the ribs does seem to help with this, although it is a work in progress. There is also a thread, which includes a video, specifically dealing with fat shots. Perhaps something it it will be helpful.

    Student Q & A: Pressurizing the hands & arms to the top of the swing

    Hitting fat shots:

    Fat hits


    Thanks David. Since I just started Chapter 3, the additional pressure on the backswing helps to create that sensation of dropping the club behind. Never thought about pressure during the golf swing, very enlightening.


    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for reaching out, this is a great question. David, thank you for your willingness and care to helping and supporting others who are also going through the program. We appreciate you attaching the video above and for your comments.

    Michael, here is another video to help support and hopefully answer your question. Enjoy!

    Student Q & A: Steepness of shaft angle on downswing


    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for asking that question, good to see this response from Bryan. But it triggers a small bit of confusion on my side.

    @ Tathata staff, from Bryan’s video response please help me clear up one thing that is confusing to me.

    I always thought that we were instructed to go from a rounded position at address to a ribs lifted, back in the gluts, shoulders back, elbows back, curved inward lower spine, basketball defence like, athletic position at the top of the back swing?

    But when I do that I have the exact same body position Bryan demonstrates when he shows how NOT to do it at minute 1:16 in the video, lol. When he says “so that it doesn’t explode”.

    I’ve been exploding all along, but i really thought that this was the intention. Anyone else had the same interpretation?

    I guess I’m exaggerating that move too much? Any advice would be appreciated.

    P.S.I always had better contact when I did that “incorrect exploding move” as this was my remedy for NOT hitting it fat ironically enough.



    Elvis – You asked an excellent follow-up question. If I could rate it, I’d assign it 5 out of 5 stars!


    Hi Elvis,

    Thanks for the question. Imagine the rib lift movement from the program. In regards to how the ribs move throughout the golf swing for a stock 7 iron, lets look in a couple places. At the finish of the golf swing the ribs are fully lifted in the front side crescent position. That is our “superman” pose from the stretching routine. The finish of the golf swing is where the ribs are strong and the most lifted of any place in the swing. At the setup position we are setup with our back rounded like the greats. Almost that sense of a pitcher winding up to throw a pitch. As the back is rounded this puts the ribs in the least “lifted” position. The ribs are drawn down at setup as a result of the back being rounded. Now from this place of the ribs being drawn down at setup due to the rounded back and the ribs being lifted at the finish in the front side crescent there is a gradual building taking place throughout the golf swing. We want the ribs fully or 100% lifted at the finish of the golf swing and not lifted or 0% at the setup of the swing. Everything in between the setup and the finish is a gradual building similar to kicking a soccer ball. As we run up to kick the ball there is a sense of being rounded or ribs drawn down. The ribs begin to lift as we move our foot into contact with the soccer ball, and the ribs fully kick up once the soccer ball is kicked or through and out of impact.

    In the golf swing from setup to the top of the backswing you are drawing the ribs back and up as you create strength and leverage. However at the same time there is a sense of building strength and leverage in the legs and also the stomach. We are lifting the ribs to the top of the swing but also increasing pressure in the stomach as we draw up to the top as you learn pressure throughout the body in chapter three. This lifting of the ribs countered by strengthening of the stomach is what creates the taught-ness or leverage to the top. If we just lift the ribs to 100% at the top of the backswing we are actually losing leverage as it relates to moving energy into and through impact to the finish of the golf swing. It would be like having your ribs fully lifted prior to kicking the soccer ball. We plan to film a deeper look at this incredible question thank you for the reach out and all of the incredible training you are doing.


    We plan to film a deeper look at this incredible question thank you for the reach out and all of the incredible training you are doing.

    Awesome. I think this is a great idea. If we could get some slow motion video of Alex, Bryan and/or Lauren swings from multiple angles, I think that would be super helpful for many of the questions that are posted on this forum.

    Great idea! Please take lots of video 🙂

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