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    Should I just be using the training to try and train muscle memory so my body knows what to do? I shot 18 last night and as I’m on day 16 I had all the a movements going in my head of what to be doing and played terrible. The last few holes I stopped focusing on all the movements and seemed to hit it better.

    I guess I need to video my swing to see how I hit it when I don’t think about all the movements coming together. That will at least show me what parts I am doing and what I’m not so I’ll know what to work on.


    Short answer from my perspective is yes. Keep training and drilling and the changes will work their way into your swing.

    Out on the course I attempt to not think about swing and rather projecting my energy forward. I focus on seeing my shot, reacting to what I am visualizing, and moving my energy onto the next bridie (or par, or bogey, or whatever the course gives me). Usually if I stop time to either reflect on my motion or on what when wrong with my last shot I tend to do poorly. I find it better for me to keep thinking out front and trying to project my energy to my partners for them to hit their best shots. Makes the game much more fun.


    Josh – I agree with Les. You are right to use video. I think it is hard to use video too much because slo-mo playback can reveal a lot about what’s actually happening vs. what we THINK we’re doing. Often times those things are in different solar systems. lol In theory, we should be able to make changes quicker with 1) knowlege about proper movements, 2) feedback about whether or not we’re doing it, and 3) advice about how to make the change. Item #3 can be facilitated by digging deeper into the program or submitting an online video to Team Tathata.

    Best luck with your journey!!

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