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    I’ve taken about 3 weeks to go through day six. I realized from day one the importance of committing these movements to muscle memory. I have gained at least 10 yards on each club. Also, my accuracy is nothing short of unbelievable! In fact, I just shot the best round of my life. I was even par on the front and 4 over on the back for a 76. I’m 59 years old and a 17 handicap playing from 5800 yards. I can’t wait for what’s in store and can’t stress the fact to take your time and commit each lesson to the subconscious. Thanks Brian.


    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback and comments with us. Congratulations on shooting your lowest round of 76, greatness! We love hearing about the improved accuracy and 10 yards increase!

    Keep us updated on your progress as you move further through your training 🙂


    I just completed day 1 and I’m very excited for what is ahead! As far as reps and practicing the movements learned in the videos, do you recommend doing a certain number of practice reps outside the video or is it recommended that by just following along with the videos that it should be engrained in our muscle memory? I know that everyone is different and learns at a different pace but I was just wondering if there was any standard guidance or advice on how to progress along through the program.


    Hi Thomas, this is a great question and yes you are correct it will be different from student to student. Some feel the repetitions in the program are enough for them to grasp the motion and others feel that some movements require additional training outside of the lessons themselves.

    When going through each lesson and moving from the introductory phases to the actual routines with reps, if you feel like you need more time learning the movement stay in the introductory routines from the first few days of the chapter before moving forward with adding multiple reps. We want to make sure you understand and are doing the movement well before adding reps so we are ingraining the correct motion.

    If you feel like you understand the movement correctly but the body isn’t quite following yet, then doing extra repetitions outside of the lessons would be helpful. Just know at any moment you have the ability to go back to previous lessons if needed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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