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  • taking it to the course
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    I have completed the 60 days however I am struggling to see results on the course. The movements feel good while I am going through the lessons but I would like to check in with a movement specialist to get some help. How do I find one close to me


    This weekend I’ll be going to Florida for a 5 day golf trip, and this will be the first chance to play since completing the course (even though it has been a good while). I don’t have score expectations, but am curious to see how much of it I take to the course. In playing after partial completion, I had mixed results, although I felt it only fair to expect to repeat many sections of the training (after so many years of doing it my old way, I figured new ways would take time to become “mine”).


    Hello, Just completed the 60 day course and have scheduled my school in 18 days. I went out and played for the first time. I struggle a bit. I hit a lot of fat swings. Wondered if you have any advice. Also wanted to know what is the best training for me for the next 18 days?

    Les Edwards
    8 handicap


    Hi Kevin,

    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with seeing results on the golf course. What specifically are you struggling with in your game? If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the 60-Day Program Broken Apart section under the “Grad School” tab. Here you will be able to directly train the movements or exercises you may struggle with and really dial into what on the course/range feels different than the movements, building your own body movement awareness.

    Our Certified Movement Specialist Program recently launched and Movement Specialist are starting to get trained. By late summer into fall of this year you will begin seeing Tathata Movement Specialists available across the country and select areas outside the U.S to seek out and train with. I see you are in Northern California and will note to contact you when we have a Specialist available near your area.

    For 60-Day Program Graduates, the 2.5 Day Live Training is open to come train and dive further into the movements and mental training with us here in Scottsdale. Students are seeing great value in getting immediate feedback and validation on their movements, as well as taking the mental training to a new level. If you are interested, we would love to see you and train with you at an upcoming experience.



    Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear about your struggles the other day on the course. The first couple of movements I would look at are movement 6 and 7 from the body movements routine.

    Be sure as you do these that you are moving your knees and entire body far enough forward or toward the target in the movements and in your downswing. Your front knee should finish outside (closer to of your front foot) your front foot and your front hip should be just about even with your front foot.

    The other thing to be sure you are feeling in these movements is a sense of the of the ribs lifted. As you stay down a little lower in the front knee than you might be used to, it will be important that your ribs are lifted at the finish of these movements as well.

    After that, I’d be sure that your body is thrusting up through impact in movement 10. Rather than staying “down” through impact you will notice that thrusting up helps you shallow out your impact and help you add speed through impact and safety to the club face.

    These are the things I would check to help you. Let us know if you need anything else, happy training and we look forward to seeing you next week at your 2.5 Day Live Training Experience!

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