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  • Taking it to the course
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    I just finished chapter 1, and find that my scoring has suffered on the course. I expect this could be a normal outcome at this point, but would like to get some feedback regarding what we should or should not expect.


    I’m almost finished with chapter two. I found it was helpful to take Tathata to the range before teeing it up. Getting a feel for the “correct” positions and getting a real sense of balance on the range produced positive results. I had to remind myself to TRUST before each strike.
    Good Luck



    Sorry to hear of your struggles. As Scott eluded to, some time on the range could be beneficial before going to the course but I do understand that even your range time may have involve some struggles too.

    Chapter 1 introduces a way of moving the body that may be very different than what many have previously been taught or how many previously have moved. With this, the hands and arms have to move in a very specific way to compliment the way the body is moving which is learned in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 begins to tie these all together with the introduction of “pressure.” At this point, you should start to expect improved results. This will start happening 25-30 days into the program as we have seen with a lot of our students going through the program.

    I’d suggest practicing your movements and continuing to work through the program. Be patient, have fun and enjoy the movement training! Try to do them as accurately and with as much speed as possible when you start to feel comfortable with the movements.

    Go to the course and enjoy or simply notice the changes in your ball flight and contact. As you continue to build better and better movements through your training, these will start to become a part of your natural swing and movements and translate more easily to the course over the next 1-2 months.

    I hope this helps, happy training!

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