Tathata "clicked" today for the first time

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  • Tathata "clicked" today for the first time
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    I’m 65 and a 7 handicap. During the first two weeks of Tathata, I shot rounds of 82, 84, 82, 80, 87, 84, and 82. The only reason the scores were that low was my scrambling ability. One day I would hit draws, the next day cuts and fades. Hit a lot of balls fat or off the toe. I was a little discouraged, but, being a mechanical-minded guy, I could see that may old swing was a compensating swing and that Tathata was absolutely the right way. So, I remained determined to go thru the entire program, more than once if necessary, to get it right. After day 17, it clicked. I hit more balls at my target than I have in months, only hit one ball off the toe and only two fat. And, I can work the ball right to left or left to right pretty much on command. I have lost 15-20 yds. (down from an average of about 260 yds.) on my driver and a little more than a half club on my irons. Hoping the distance comes back as I continue, but it may not because I think I got that extra distance by rolling the arms and flipping the hands thru impact to compensate for my inside-out swing. I’ve always had good leg drive, with a solid, powerful-feeling base and I “exploded” into the ball with my lower body. I’ll take the increased accuracy over the distance. I think I’ll be shooting in the low 70’s consistently once I know how far I hit each iron. If I can get my putter going, I think I’ll be able to break 70 for the second time in my life!

    I’m pumped!



    Hi CJ,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and experience so far with the training. It’s awesome to hear about your progress and how your ball striking and accuracy is the best it has been in months.

    You may already be there now, but in Chapter 3 – Pressure & Impact, you will find this is the glue and vitality that brings the body and hands & arms together with strength. You may find that you gain some of the distance back through this chapter and learning how the movements and the entire swing all works together to create safe, strength and speed into and out of impact. This will continue to build through Chapter 4, the Speed and Strength portion of the program.

    Let us know if you have any further questions as you continue through your training!

    Thank you CJ.

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