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    I love Tathata and I think its a game changer. My son is 4 and has had a club in his hand since 1 1/2. He hits the ball well, and enjoys the game and has even played with me. I was thinking of seeking a coach to give him lessons this year. I would love for him to learn the Tathata way of golf.

    My question is should I attempt to get him traditional instruction and then convert to Tathata later?

    Please let me know your thoughts.



    Great to hear your response to the program and your openness to providing this education to your child. Although the 60-Day Program would provide an great path of learning and training for your child but it might be a little early in his development for this to have lasting effects. I would assume this is what your thoughts might be as well. Bryan mentioned Karate or Gymnastics classes to build body awareness and strength in his movements. He would caution seeking the advice of anyone who won’t let him move athletically and freely with strength in his golf swing and additionally suggests participation in other sports/activities to build this into his way of being and moving.

    This being said, if there are a few basic movements of the program you would like to share with him, it couldn’t hurt. Body Movement 4 – Drawback a Punch, Body Movement 7 – Surf to Level, Body Movement 10 – Thrust Through Impact are a few that come to mind that could help him develop his pattern and instincts for movement. During the five years of testing, we worked with several young boys and girls ages 8-10 and saw that the movements were just as effective with them as anyone else. A couple of these juniors, although great in their own regard before coming to us, have gone on to win several tournaments and gotten their golfing careers off to fun starts.

    We would enjoy hearing about you and your sons progress. It would be interesting to hear how you move him forward and some of the benefits and challenges of the different approaches you take. As long as he is swinging hard and moving like an athlete, we would be smiling. The Tathata Golf program and commonalities of the greatest players will always be there to support him as he develops his skills and entire game.

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