Tathata has changed my life

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  • Tathata has changed my life
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    I cannot thank Brian, Alex and the team enough for introducing me to correct and most effective way. I started playing golf at the end of 2014 and I really enjoyed it then. As the years have gone on there were times when I have been on a course and just couldn’t wait to get off it, there have been days when i’ve played well but i never understood why. I went to the driving range and hit ball after ball and it was hit or miss as to whether i played well or not. Golfing lessons i felt were a waste of time because the communication i felt was not effective and I always felt he was holding back. They just appeared to be short fixes and didn’t address the important issue was understanding the correct movements and where the club face should be.

    I am only part way through the second section but subconsciously i am getting it. I played a week before Christmas in very difficult weather but shot my second best ever score after doing lots of the lessons, three a week I took this to the course and i felt like a golfer. Unfortunately two days after this good round i tore my calf muscle playing football (Soccer) for you in the states. I was annoyed and felt that my form would leave me and i would forget everything.

    Last Sunday in very cold conditions, i tried my first game back as i was missing it. I felt i played my best ever round, there was no doubt in my mind. I hit majority of my drive in the positions i wanted and had to repair at least 10 divots on the greens. I made birdies and pars. The only thing that let me down was my putting up to the 18th hole. I attacked every hole, and only changed this mindset on the difficult hole and i then shot a 9, which was unfortunate but i learned moving forward to not be defensive on a hole. I will have a plan but i will attack that hole next time i play it. It was my best round and i beat my friend by 7 shots, he has been playing for over 10 years. This was only the second time that has happened. My mindset is what i am the most proud of and i know my handicap is only going to go one way.

    Brian and the team i can not thank you enough. There can be no doubt if Tathata can help me it can help anyone to not only play better and improve your mindset but learn to love the journey towards greatness.

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