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    I’m currently on Day 27. I’ve always used an interlocking grip. As I go deeper into learning the importance of pressure, leverage, and strength in the golf swing, it occurred to me that it might make sense to use a ten finger grip since I feel like I can really hold the club the firmest like this. However, I’m hesitant to use because I’ve heard it’s harder to keep the hands contacted. But looking at this from a pressure and strength standpoint, would you ever use a sword or sledge hammer using an interlocking or overlapping grip?

    This seems like a “natural” way to go, but I hesitant to use this grip. Any input from others or the Tathata staff.



    Hi Scott,

    Great observations here related to the strength the 10 finger grip provides but the control the interlocking grip currently provides. We would encourage you to stay with the interlocking grip and simply apply the pressure concepts to this grip. Although the 10 finger grip might feel stronger, the interlocking grip will be plenty strong when the pressure concepts are utilized. Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as you probably know are two of the greatest to ever play and featured in our program that utilize the interlocking grip as well.

    Thanks for the question!


    Hi ! I learned golf with the interlocking grip and because of a new golf pro I changed for an overlapping. I’ve never felt a great difference between both !!! I’ve been hearing for few years now about the baseball one. I’ve tried recently but it’s kind of weird. Now I am confused to which one would sit me better knowing that I don’t have any preferences from one to another and the most important I got pretty small fingers so I’d like to have a little piece of advice.

    Thanks a lot !


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