Tension in the swing

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  • Tension in the swing
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    I’ve only finished day 8, but continue to question the ideas and proponents (many) of loose grip, easy tension free swing for control and distance (“cracking the whip” & centrifugal force). It appears that this Tathata is hard, fast and rigid like a martial artist would be. I’ve always heard that “tension kills a good golf swing” so I’m trying to keep forging ahead to see how my Tathata training progresses and to see if “active tension” is what’s being promoted here and if it is what will finally take my game to where I would like it. Any thoughts please??


    Chapter 3 on pressures will really open your eyes. I’ve never been a proponent of looseness since I was young reading Hogan talking about active tension.

    In another program I have done I worked drills where my grip pressure was at a constant 9 while working on range of motion of arms and wrists. This was just to remove a timing element of the swing.

    In Chapter 3, Bryan has you working on cohesive tension throughout the body increasing pressure as you work through the strike and into the finish. Very important for maintaining accelerate and face stability through and out of the strike.


    Thanks for the prompt reply. Sounds like tension & strength are the name of the game. I am more than anxious to keep unfolding what appears to be what I’ve been seeking to find in my quest for great golf.


    Dave – Below is a video clip that will give you a taste of things to come. Pressure in the golf swing was completely foreign to me and how now become my new best friend.

    Student Q & A: Pressure vs. Tension


    Thank you. I’ll be anxious to get to Chapter 3!!


    What sold me was the speedstik. I could make it snap with both hand but not with one. My 15 year can snap it easily with one hand and made fun of me. After the Tathatagolf training I can now snap the club with one hand.

    I was under the same misconception regarding the swing. If you think about it take for example swinging an Axe. If you held it loose and attempted to swing with loose soft arms you would kill yourself.

    Do not mistake Tension or Pressure for Rigidity. Those are not the same. A great example from one of the videos is about straightening the arm. I had trouble not folding my left arm. Then I discovered via this program to simply to tighten my Tricep. I you tighten that muscle and don’t fight it the arm will become straight. Problem solved.

    It appears to me that the “pressure” simply allows the body, arms and hands to work together.

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