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    I have copied below a review of Tathata Golf I have submitted to Amazon and wanted to be sure that you at Tathata have opportunity to see it. Again, thank you for all you have put into this and all that I am receiving from it.

    “What Have we here?
    I purchased the Tathata Golf program through a 3rd party vendor offering a $10.00 discount in early February. Having completed 21 days of the program I would now answer the above question as follows: That extremely rare product or service that entices you with lofty claims and then proceeds to meet or exceed your expectations day by day. Wow. My thanks to Bryan Hepler (founder) and the entire staff of Tathata Golf for a brilliantly conceived and wonderfully executed way to day by day integrate principles based on martial arts and the swings of the greatest golfers in history. My experience brings only one regret at this point. I think very highly of my traditional golf instructor who has done a great job of taking me from a raw beginner 3 years ago at age 62 and helping me to at least competence, breaking 90 for the first time last fall. I am increasingly aware that, by comparison to Tathata Golf, he is working with a flawed or limited training concept so that it may soon be in my best interests to part ways. There is a better way to learn the game of golf. To find it for yourself purchase and enjoy the beautiful creation that is Tathata Golf.”



    Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible feedback and comments, and most importantly being a part of the Tathata family. We are smiling knowing you are enjoying the program and finding value in it. Without your support and the support of all Tathata students, we would not be here. We thank you for being open to being a part of something new and to continue to sense the moments ahead being better than they have ever been before.

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