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    Isn’t pushing the glutes back just a function of squatting? (I realize this will create strength by using the big muscles.) Why doesn’t this result in fat shots since you would be lower at contact than at address.


    Hi Gary,

    Excellent question. It has given me something good to ponder this morning. Others may comment, too, but I do not believe pushing the glutes back is an output of squatting because I can sit down without actually pushing my glutes back. I can also push my glutes back while reducing flex in my knees. Below is a video that covers this topic in general. I have not watched it in several months so forget what I said above it is directly contradicts me. lol But I don’t think it will. Let me know what you think and what you learn, if anything.

    Student Q & A: Understanding How the Legs and Glutes Work Back

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