Throwing back a punch/Back swing with club

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  • Throwing back a punch/Back swing with club
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    In order for me to get to the top of either of these moves it seem as though I am squatting in order to get into my gluteus.
    Is this normal?



    Thank you for your question. The feel of slightly squatting in your backswing as you load slightly down into your legs and back into your glutes is very appropriate. The only thing I can imagine to caution you on, is to be sure you are slightly pushing back in your glutes as you do this and not just squatting straight down.

    Like a squat you will notice this should help you push your knees slightly apart in your backswing as well. Although they might not physically move apart, the feeling of squatting will develop the proper feeling in the legs as you move. This should help keep you centered too. You will notice this should really help prepare you for the surf to level motion in the downswing as well.

    Thank you for your post and thoughts. It is our intention that others will see this and learn from your thoughts as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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