Thrusting to impact

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  • Thrusting to impact
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    After the snap to level movement. I think that the front torso turning up and back powers the rotation of the swing. However, i just dont understand how the bodys torso adds to the process. Should the torso swing faster and take tthe uppder body on a p


    Sorry wasn’t clear there. At the end of the snap to level movement should the focus be solely on thrusting the left hip/pelvis as described in the program with the upper body/torso just going along for a ride. Or should the focus be on thrusting both the hip/pelvis and the torso/upper body together? That is using both the torso and pelvis to create speed and power rather than the pelvis alone? Thanks so much. Sorry for the basic question!


    Hi Scott – As someone prone to focus too much on small details, I really struggled with the first week of the program. I even spent a great deal of time listening to the anatomical descriptions and brushing up on my anatomy just to make sense of it all. Oy vey!! However, I found that as I progressed through the program, more and more pieces began to fall into place so that my understanding of the body mechanics solidified. With that said, I’m still a work in progress! Hang in there and know that “more WILL be revealed as you go through the program.” lol Accepting this has helped me be more patient.

    I’ll go ahead and take a stab at answering your question. My understanding is that the feet, shins, legs, glutes, on up through your entire body will work together with everything starting from the ground up. As you advance through the program, more detail will be added about how to actually do this. Chapter 3 is where things really come together. But do take your time to master as much material as possible because this will establish a solid foundation on which you will build day by day.

    Hope this helps in some small way.


    Thanks so much for the help David. So kind of you to take the time. Much obliged!


    My pleasure, Scott. Best luck with your Tathata journey!

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