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  • Tilt at setup
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    I have completed the 60 day program and have become a daily Tathata junkie. After some rounds with various inconsistencies I have been reviewing the fundamentals again. I’ve noticed that at setup that it appears there is a bit more tilt at address in the videos than my current setup. In looking at the greatest players I see that Ben Hogan doesn’t have as much tilt either.

    The reason I’m asking for clarification is that I see that the arms are hanging straight down whereas mine are slightly extended. I’m wondering if this is causing inconsistencies because when I review the baseball throw I see the arms come straight down based on body movement but with a slightly upright address it behaves quite differently. This makes pushing down in the impact drills difficult.

    Can I get a better explanation of how much tilt at address is appropriate?


    Hi Bryon,

    This is a great question, thank you for reaching out!

    Let’s start by using the stock 7 iron as the platform to build upon. At setup the most important thing to feel is centered and balanced like an athlete. Similar to taking a snap in football or playing defense in basketball or fielding a ground ball in baseball, we want to feel athletic and ready to move.

    You should have a sense that the feet are slightly turned out (the front foot slightly more than the back). You’ll feel the knees slightly pushed apart because of the athleticism supporting the pelvis stomach and ribs being level to each other. The spine, from tailbone to head, support being centered and balanced. From a “Down-the-Line” view we want to have a sense of being rounded like the greats. We want to bend from the hips so that the arms hang under the shoulders roughly a fist length away from the thighs at setup on a stock 7 iron.

    There is no perfect place here as every individual body is slightly different, the key is that we setup centered balanced alive and ready to move. If we are going to move with more speed and strength the body will adjust accordingly. For example, a wedge setup will look different than a driver setup because the length of the club and amount of leverage we need for the shot we’re choosing. Let your body talk to you and feel where your body feels balanced and athletic. Feel the arms hanging under the shoulders as you bend over to address the ball. Let your athleticism and balance determine your setup “position” rather than trying to put your body into some pre – conceived notion or position.

    As you look at the greats and see them addressing the ball you will notice that they are setting up according to their bodies and their athleticism. Let your body and your athleticism determine your incredible setup and let the setup vary based on where you are going or the shot at hand!

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