TELL TATHATA | Are there any tips you would recommend to others beginning this program and trying to get through it?

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  • TELL TATHATA | Are there any tips you would recommend to others beginning this program and trying to get through it?
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    Try to stick to a schedule for reviewing the lessons. Hit the range to practice the movements and work on proper pressure. It felt a little overwhelming at first but by Chapter 3 everything starts coming together including the mental training sessions. I am golfing with more confidence and enjoying myself more now.


    I’m on day 51. It took a while for me to understand that the stretching exercises were used so that I could actually get my body to the point that it could actually move the way it needs to move . I know they tell us that but it didn’t get through to me. It was the same thing with pressurizing the body to build strength. The punch move was very difficult for me. Now it is so easy I question myself as to whether I am actually doing it. I would also say that you will be cheating yourself if you just skim the material and try to take bits and pieces to incorporate in the swing you have.


    On day 54 – 7 handicap.

    1. Be patient with the program. You may want to get out on the course or range and bang balls, but each Chapter builds on the previous one. Some of the movements “hit you” as correct later in the program. For example, the ribs lift movement really hit home for me in Chapter 5. I then went back and redid Chapter 1, and I suddenly took a jump in my ball striking. I was a 9 handicap when starting the program and moved to a 7 – currently on day 54.

    2. Consider going back through the entire program again, as I plan to do. Some of the basic moves make more sense, when taken in context with the entire program.

    3. Use video as feedback for confirmation of the moves. I use Golftec and have not been in for a couple of months. When I did (somewhere in Chapter 4), I noticed I was not getting down in the glutes on my backswing. This was causing me to bring the club up too steep and get my right arm slightly chicken winging. When I went back to the glutes back/ rib lift motion, I got rid of that problem immediately.


    Thank you Tom, Norman and Richard for taking the time to share your feedback and thoughts with the rest of the Tathata community. Your comments will not only help the next student who reads them but also allows us to hear what you are liking about the program, what works for you and also what could be better to further support you and other students.

    Thank you.


    Tell yourself it is a 60 day journey. That each day builds upon the days before. Learn not just with your mind but feel with your body. There will come a day when a realization occurs and everything falls into place. Know that you will get there eventually if you practice with an open heart. It all sounds kind of spiritual i know but i believe being absolutely trained is a spiritual experience. To have abosolute control over your mind, body and emotions while having almost no thought has to be spiritual. I don’t just play better golf now, my experience of the whole game has shifted fundamentally since this program.


    The tip I would give to anyone beginning this program is be open minded about the mental training exercises. I remember not really understanding the “Ice Cream Truck” (Mental training exercise 5) Then somewhere around day 48, I was at the range and everything seemed to click together. I was hitting most of my clubs without thinking of “How” but rather “Where”, and it felt great. I drove home kind of giddy.

    The next day I was driving back out to the range and couldn’t wait to get there… suddenly the ice cream truck popped into my head and I had to laugh out loud. I smiled inwardly and outwardly and the message from that mental training exercise finally made sense to me. I was “out in front”.

    So, my tip is do your best to focus during the mental training exercises. It might not always make perfect sense at that time, but it’s probably planting seeds. Give the seeds time to germinate and stick with it.

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