To hit balls, hit the course, or hit the play button on a video…


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  • To hit balls, hit the course, or hit the play button on a video…
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    So i started a few days ago and am now on Day 6 of the training. Is there a prescribed amount of time before i begin applying the techniques on the range? the golf course? or am i taking a break from golf for a while and absorbing information (and practicing it at home) from the videos?
    i would especially appreciate if any response to this question would not be shrouded in ambiguity ( ie “whenever you’re comfortable!”).


    Hi Colin – Bryan recorded a video on this question previously, which can be found here:

    Things start to make more sense once you get to the pressure section. Day 24 might be a good point at which to start if you can wait that long. Best luck!


    good evening, david… you seem to post on everybody’s threads and have insider knowledge on where they keep all the archived videos! helpful stuff 🙂
    so, being the anakin skywalker type of personality i am, i could not keep myself off the golf course this afternoon. after some very.. interesting, as in wayward, shots in the beginning… i settled in and hit some of the best shots of my life. i also managed to forget to bring tees, and had to use my 3 wood off the box. it was about 50% effective.
    i’ve probably picked up 10 yards per club, and the trajectories were simply majestic. twice, i had a shot which was perfectly online and hit the back of the green and bounced off.
    so, all in all…. i am ecstatic about continuing this program. i can hardly wait to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!


    Hi Colin – That’s great news and I loved hearing about your success. It will certainly build over time, especially as you go through the pressure section in Chapter 3. While I’ve now completed the program, there is still a lot to go back and absorb more fully so continue to hang on to the expectation of learnng somethign new. Keep us posted on your progress. I’m looking forward to greater greatness! 🙂

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