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    I just completed my third National Championship victory for the Golf Channel Am Tour Championship flight. The special part of that is I shot under par for all 4 days and set a new tournament record of -14. I mentioned Tathata Golf during the post round interview. Hopefully, it will make it through editing. Thanks all!


    Paul, congratulations on your win and for setting a new tournament record of 14 under par! What an incredible feeling that must have been. With your previous success in the Golf Channel am tour, you are quite the player, before Tathata so we are thankful you feel and have expressed that we have had “a” part in your success!

    We look forward to seeing your interview, even if Tathata Golf doesn’t make the editing process 😉 We did find the photo of you holding the trophy for the Championship win, greatness!

    Thank you for sharing this with us and the rest of #TeamTathata!


    Very awesome, Paul. Our of curiosity, what parts of the program do you feel you’ve benefited the most from?

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