Traditional Ball Position vs Tathata Methodolgy

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  • Traditional Ball Position vs Tathata Methodolgy
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    I am on day 32 of the course and I am loving every day, that’s not to say it hasn’t been challenging with regards the body movements/flexibility not to mention a little thought provoking at times.

    I have only been golfing 18 months and I am currently a 16 handicap, during this period I have had many hours of formal training by a number of professional instructors, All of whom have put forward the traditional approaches to golf training.

    Now that I have set the scene my question relates to ball position in relation to the sternum, in traditional golf tuition with regards the ball wedges would be in line with the sternum, mid irons effectively in line with a shirt logo and finally the driver is in line with the front heel.

    In ‘Tathata’ golf I have only seen/heard a brief reference on a stock 7 iron in Chapter 1 if Memory serves me well, for the ball to be below/in line with the left ear. Is this the case irrespective of the type of club, where the ball would always remain in line with the left ear? That would obviously change the look of a set up in a traditional sense but would fully support and reinforce the notion that we remain centered with strength and balance in set up and throughout the golf swing.

    I look forward to any response that can clarify this for me as this will enable me to discount using a traditional approach in combination with the ‘Tathata’ methodology.

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    I had the same question especially with regards to tee shots with a driver. I just completed Day 38 and Bryan does address this idea on Day 35. It does more or less confirm that with a driver and longer clubs the ball needs to be a bit further up in your stance – left heel was working well for me today.

    I have a feeling that this is also going to be addressed in future chapters on trajectory and shape(I hope).


    My understanding is that the ball positions are pretty much the same as taught in traditional golf instruction. Below is a link to previous discussion with respect to this topic.

    Ball position changing with club



    Many thanks for clarifying that for me, as this I feel is an important aspect and I want to ensure I get the best possible impact and compression when striking the ball. I had been using the traditional approach to date and was just a little hesitant as I had heard nothing addressing this in any significant detail to date.

    I look forward to continuing the program and must compliment the Tathata team for putting together such a good course. I feel this approach and methodology has and will save me years of searching and misadventure.

    All the best,


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