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    It’s said lately that 80 is the new 60, and this Training Program which I bought for myself for my 80th birthday has me leaning in that direction. I’m in reasonably good shape but have lost flexibility and a great deal of distance. I was most attracted to the Stretching Exercises, and very impressed and encouraged that with the Remedial routine Tathata had considered those of us for whom the regular routines were a little difficult. Next I considered the possibility of discovering new power sources by being trained to incorporate martial arts principles in a way I had never thought of before, and re-gaining some of the distance lost over the years. I’m happy to say, that has turned out to be the case.

    But the icing on the cake came for me last weekend when I headed to the course highly focused and ready to apply the mental training that told me: I know how to set up to the ball, I know how to work with energy from the ground, how to store energy and how to move it through impact. Quite simply, my body has been trained to move correctly. I do not need swing thoughts, doubt-inducing reminders, re-gripping, etc, or anything other than to be athletic, confident, and ready to enjoy the game at a higher level. And, tee-to-green, I had an amazing day, hit numerous high-caliber drives and long fairway shots that were unbelievably gratifying. My goal now is to join the club of folks who can shoot their age. I am determined, and God willing, will do just that.

    I recommend Tathata Golf 100%, with no reservations. I’m convinced, a young person receiving this training will learn the game in maybe the best way possible, and I believe a lot of seniors might be surprised as to how much good this training could prove to be for them, in more ways than one.


    Wow, Lewis, that’s a great testimony!!



    Greatness, thank you for taking the time to write on the forum and share your progress with the training so far!

    It’s awesome to hear about the increase in distance. It’s been amazing the feedback we have received from students regarding the mental training and the over difference in how to train to truly be prepared when stepping onto the first tee to play. Many have also shared similar thoughts of feeling trained when moving to the golf course and how this has completely shifted the way he/she plays a round, especially by reducing or eliminating the “ups & downs” from an emotional perspective and having more fun on the course.

    We are thankful you are a part of Tathata Golf and we look forward to hearing more of your progress!


    Okay then, I will tell of more progress: Three exciting discoveries this week, one as to gaining distance and two concerning improvement in my physical fitness from the training.

    First, as to distance: in the last couple of rounds I’ve played, my best drives have gained about 10-12 yards, and I’ve over clubbed myself a number of times going into greens. Since we don’t play for large stakes, shots that flew the green actually got me pumped. Sadly, though, the added distance has not been consistent, a little elusive, until an “A-hah!” moment.

    On the range yesterday, I got the realization that in the takeaway and backswing process of moving the forward arm back, if I made sure to get it really moving, so that the “punch” ended with the “pop” Brian describes, it was like night and day from the impact I saw if I got a little lazy, made a ‘halfway-decent’ sort of backswing, something I’d become maybe more ‘comfortable’ with over the years. Then, typically, the results was often a straight shot that got about 75% of the distance I was looking for. In the past, before the Tathata training, my next thought would have been: “Well, that’s what happens when you get old, you just have to accept it, use more club next time.”

    I can see now, since the ‘load’ of the front shoulder area did not occur, a good deal of ‘juice’ just wasn’t generated and stored. My review of the video on Hands and Arms movement made this click for me, and now, that last little ‘pop’, which simultaneously extends the right arm and gets the elbows closer together will be of prime importance. So now I’m thinking, not nearly as much of my loss of distance was caused by the natural aging process as I believed; learning the right way to store more energy really works the magic.

    Secondly, on the fitness side, nearing 40 days into the training, I am, as suggested, now able to add to the Remedial Stretching routine and can safely do more of the Regular routine, expect this progress to continue, and quite honestly this alone is worth the time I’ve put in so far.

    But the biggest proof of payoff for me as a new octogenarian is, less than six weeks ago when I started, I could not do the ‘soccer kick’ move without fear of falling down -it was literally scary and I think it would be for most people my age. Now, my ankles and legs have been worked enough so that I can do it with good stability. How nice is that?

    To say I’m enthusiastic about each of these developments is to put it mildly. Thanks, Tathata.


    Great work, Louis!!! Do keep us posted as the progress continues!



    Wow, thank you for sharing more. It’s great the progress you have made by being open to something new and incredible, beyond what you may have thought was possible not only with your game but your physical capabilities. This is awesome and others who have had similar thoughts as you about age and improvement will learn and be inspired by your comments.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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