Training with mirrors.


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  • Training with mirrors.
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    Sorry if I’ve missed the thread, but I have not heard any discussion on whether it is beneficial or not to do this program in front of mirrors. I train in our home gym so I have the opportunity to do each lesson surrounded by mirrors. I’m constantly comparing my movement-patterns in the mirrors to the look of what Brian/Alex/Lauren are doing. Is this okay to do or am I too worried about perfection?

    Thanks in advance.


    Disregard, folks. I found in the Chapter 2 Movement Assessment that mirrors are encouraged to check positions.



    Hi Brenden,

    Thank you for the reachout, this is a great question and it looks like you bumped into the Chapter Support Assessment forms where mirrors are discussed. I wanted to also share a video of Bryan discussing the usage of mirrors in your training. To video this video, click the link below.

    Student Q & A: Is it beneficial to train in front of a mirror?

    Thanks Brenden, enjoy.


    Got it. Thanks.


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