Trouble reaching finish with ball

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  • Trouble reaching finish with ball
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    Just completed day 37. I have no trouble reaching the eyeline finish position with the drills and practice swing but when I actually hit a ball, especially with an iron, I don’t quite have that full of a followthrough. It’s as if the ball slows down the swing through impact. The shots are fine but I fgeel like I’m losing a little compression through the ball. Any suggestions?





    From your brief desciption I would suggest you look at the pressure section again. If you would increase your pressure from a 2 up to 7 during impact it is hard the club actually “slowing down” after impact. Also the thought about hitting some target with a sword right in front /left of you can help.



    Thanx Will try Have deliberately avoided hitting balls on my simulator as I have been focusing on development of the swing with pressure Still inclined to add pressure early in downswing based on long established habits


    At the middle of chapter 13 you are asked to swing to finish for the first time. My issue is that I used my hands and arms instead of the body routines that have been taught throughout the program. Any suggestions to incorporate the body movements…



    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your question and thank you all for your comments.

    Thomas, please click on the link below to see the response to your question from Bryan Hepler about finishing on the eyeline.

    Student Q & A: Club On Eyeline

    Thank you Thomas, enjoy!

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