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    I am on day 24 and while movements are starting to feel natural with 7i and shorter clubs I am still not comfortable with longer clubs and driver. Should there be any adjustments with driver or do I retain exactly the same pressure and movements when hitting my driver?



    Thank you for the question. Although we will start to touch on the driver and wedges ahead on Day 31 in Chapter 4, I can attempt to help answer your question right now. Although you don’t want to rush the building of pressure especially in the backswing, you may notice it helps your driver to dramatically accelerate the pace you work through the pressure scale as you move through and out of impact. To apply this concept to the driver, don’t be afraid to go from a 5-9 as rapidly as you can as you move through and out of impact. You should notice your club head “jump” as you do this as long as you are still at a 5 in your downswing and not already at a 9 at this point. Since the swing is bigger, it may help to slow down the building of pressure in the backswing and downswing compared to a 7-iron but again be as aggressive as you can through impact applying pressure to help the driver.

    Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions. Happy training!


    How far away from the ball should you stand? compared to the stock 7 iron that is used in the videos.



    With the stock 7 iron we are standing with our hands roughly a fist length away from the ball. With a stock driver we may stand with our hands slightly more than a fist length. With a stock wedge we may stand slightly closer than a fist length. You will learn all of this in chapter 6 when we move into shape and trajectory. You will also learn in chapter 6 how to vary the distance you stand away from the ball to create different shapes and trajectories.

    Thank you for the question.

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