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    I’d like to thank the Tathata Staff for being so kind and friendly on my recent visit. I arranged for a visit to validate the correct movements after completing Chapter 5. I want to thank Lauren for helping schedule my training and answering my many questions. I especially thank Alex who spent the greater part of 3 days working with me to ensure I was executing the movements properly. Alex introduced me to the various stations set up on the grounds specifically to ingrain the movement through the use of Martial Arts techniques/props. Throughout the training, I performed several repetitions of the movements guided by Alex. Following the training, I was able to validate my results on the range. I have a better understanding of how to correct some issues that now happen in my swing. I believe the Tathata method is an athletic way to hit the golf ball which I have always sought after. Although I still need “repetitions” to incorporate some of the movements into my swing, I’m 100% sold on this program.
    Again, Alex thank you for generously giving your time (mostly under a very hot sun!) to improve my game, you are truly a dedicated professional who cares about his students and Tathata Golf.
    Bryan thank you for taking the time to discuss Tathata Golf with me and giving me insight into the philosophy. Your passion for Tathata is admirable and I have no doubt this will become a “movement”that will change the way the game is taught. Also, Bryan, congratulations on creating such a unique environment at your HQs. It is obvious your attention to detail as you walk through the Meridian Gate;suddenly aware of nature’s beauty and the essence of your philosophy “mind, body, life, swing.”
    All the best,
    Al Palombo


    Hi Al,

    Thank you for sharing your recent experience with us at the Tathata Outdoor Training Center in Scottsdale, AZ. We enjoyed meeting you and having you on the property. Thank you for the energy you brought to the facility. It was great to see how well you have implemented the training and just how you progressed during our time together in Scottsdale.

    Thank you for being a part of the Tathata family and being open and willing to come spend some time with us here in Scottsdale. Without the support of you and all of #TeamTathata, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are thankful to be able to share our passion for game with each who choose to come.

    Thank you Al.

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