I want to get my child into golf, is this program recommended for juniors?

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  • I want to get my child into golf, is this program recommended for juniors?
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    Absolutely. The 60-Day Program offers a complete introduction to Tathata mind, body and swing fundamentals. Unlike other programs, we tell you not only what to do, but exactly how to do it. This helps to make learning and development for any user incredibly easy. In addition to this, the movements and movement routines throughout the program are a fun and different way to train within the game of golf that juniors really enjoy. Juniors become energized as they go through the program and really enjoy the sense of strength that comes from knowing they are doing the movements absolutely correct. The pressure, short game and high-energy speed and strength routine are among favorites for juniors. They also enjoy learning about and seeing the greatest golfers and athletes of all-time moving exactly like they are learning to do.

    The 60-Day Program provides a great foundation for any junior to learn and grow from. Not only will they have an understanding of all Tathata mind, body and swing fundamentals by the end of the program but almost more importantly, they will have created a foundation from which they will easily be able to interpret and understand other golf instruction. As juniors grow and progress through the game, this will help them avoid the confusion and self-doubt that can easily come from the overwhelming amount of random and often-conflicting tips and instruction players of all ages can become exposed to throughout the game of golf.

    Mentally, juniors get exposed to answering the questions of “who am I” and “where am I going” as they move through the program. Exposing young people to these concepts has an incredibly positive impact on their mental strength and peace of mind as they continue to develop and mature on and off the course. They will also be exposed to simple ways to begin sensing and experiencing their own authentic greatness. This is a gift we feel very fortunate to be able to share with the lives of all users, but especially juniors. Not only will this help them develop the mental strength almost all college coaches are looking for in recruits but will also help them to effortlessly begin shooting the best scores of their life.

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