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    I have a 46 deg pitching wedge and I am getting ready to buy some wedges. After viewing the short game chapter I am wondering what should my set makeup be and how much bounce do you recommend to your students. Thanks.



    Great question. I would first want to find out a couple more pieces of information before making a recommendation:

    A) How many wedges do you carry, 3 or 4? Some people may choose to carry 3 if they have a hybrid type of club or some carry 4 if they leave a bit of a gap in their longer clubs.

    B) Where do you live and what condition is the ground normally in?

    If you carry 3 wedges we typically recommend equal spacing with your wedge lofts to keep the yardage gaps as consistent as possible. In your case it might be helpful to carry 46, 52 and 58 degree wedges. Does this leave a nice gap from 9-iron to PW to gap wedge to sand/lob wedge?

    If you typically play your golf on firm, dry ground, we would recommend your sand/lob wedge have slightly less loft about 8 degrees while your gap wedge and PW can have 10-12. If you play in wet conditions where the ground tends to be soft, we would recommend something closer to 12-14 degrees of bounce for your sand/lob wedge and something similar for your gap wedge and PW as well.

    The motion you are learning with Tathata Golf is equally effective for wedges of all kinds. No matter your ground surface, knowing how to use the bounce of the golf club to strike the ground rather than the leading edge will help you with consistent contact on all of your wedge shots.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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