Weight transfer in the background

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  • Weight transfer in the background
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    Hi am on day 9 . The answer to the quiz was that the greats all stay centred in their backswings does that mean that there is no real weight transfer to the back foot and that when you move the body in th backswing your weight more or less stays even or is there slightly more weight on the back foot?


    Hi Pia,

    This is an important question that we see quite often, so thank you for taking the time to reach out and ask! As the chapters build throughout the program we start to look at the golf swing as an athletic movement to the shape and trajectory that we are choosing. You will start to feel that the movement of the body is dictated by the golf shot you are looking to create out in front. As you build into Chapter 3 you will see how we add strength and pressure to your movements and how this pressure or sense of togetherness allows the golf swing to feel more centered and balanced. You will see how pressure in the stomach radiates strength into the rest of the body and anchors you from swaying or moving loosely away from the golf ball. As you draw up to the top of the backswing there is a sense of pushing back into the back glute while also drawing the ribs up and back. You haven’t gotten to pressure yet but as you draw up or create strength and leverage there is a slight squeeze in the stomach to hold the body strong and centered. As you draw up to the top you will feel strength move into you back heel because you are pushing back but make sure there is a slight squeeze in the stomach to ensure you are strong, centered, and balanced from the top of your backswing.

    Thank you again for the question, enjoy the rest of your training!

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