What is included in the program?

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  • What is included in the program?
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    The 60-Day Training Program includes 60 individual days of video learning and training ranging from roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and 10 min in length each day. Designed as a complete mind, body and swing in-home training program, all users enjoy progressing through 6 different chapter or 10 day sections of training. These chapters include:

    Chapter 1 – (Days 01-10) Body, Stretching & Mind 1 Training
    Chapter 2 – (Days 11-20) Hands, Arms & Mind 2 Training
    Chapter 3 – (Days 21-30) Pressure, Impact & Mind 3 Training
    Chapter 4 – (Days 31-40) Speed, Strength & Mind 4 Training
    Chapter 5 – (Days 41-50) Short Game, Putting & Mind 5 Training
    Chapter 6 – (Days 51- 60) Shape, Trajectory & Mind 6 Training

    Upon purchase of the training program all users immediately receive a username and password to access the online streaming version of the program. Consumable from any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc) and from anywhere with Internet accessibility, the 60-Day program is extremely user friendly and convenient to use. The program is delivered through advanced learning and training courseware software designed to maximize the quality of your user experience as your progress through the program.

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