what should i work on if hitting it fat?


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  • what should i work on if hitting it fat?
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    I’m through about day 26 of the program and I’ve been trying to hit balls while thinking about what I’ve learned so far. I’ve been having a lot of trouble hitting it fat with my irons. I’m wondering if there’s a certain movement I should emphasize to avoid hitting it fat. I’m trying to think about surfing the knees to level as I start my downswing, but I’m still making contact behind the ball.



    Thank you for your question. This question has come up from a few other students training right alongside you. On Day 7 of streaming version of the program, we have added a “Daily Extra” addressing your question. If you go to Day 7 of the program, below the lesson video there is a yellow tab labeled “Daily Extra”. Within this tab you will find a video discussing the surf the knees movement as well as the snap to level movement. Here is a direct link to these videos, Day 7 – Daily Extras.

    This will be a perfect video for you at this moment to look at when we snap to level the right side stays strong. We also look at how the knees work to help support the right side to stay strong and level through the hit to shallow out the bottom of your arc. Look for daily extras throughout the program moving forward, they are great moments for us to go back in and add support from the incredible questions coming in around the world. Enjoy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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